Holistic Dentistry

“What is holistic dentistry?”

This is probably the most common question our team hears every day. And if you want to take a more natural approach to your dental health, this may be the best choice for you.

We’re so glad you asked.

Holistic dentistry is based on the principle that your natural teeth are priceless, and that as caregivers, we should do whatever we can to preserve them for as long as possible. That’s why our focus is on providing the most conservative and minimally-invasive care in order to achieve the best results. Rather than just “drill and fill” like most dentists will do when they spot a problem, we’ll take a more cautious and measured approach that will help keep your teeth more healthy and whole in the long run.

With air abrasion, we’re able to painlessly remove decayed and damaged portions of the teeth while ensuring your absolute comfort. A powerful stream of air and particles will quickly clear the area while preserving the maximum amount of tooth structure.

And with Ozone Therapy, we can use the power of enriched oxygen to strengthen the teeth, eliminate oral bacteria, and even empower more traditional treatments to provide higher-quality results that stand the test of time.

And, if one of your teeth needs to be repaired, we have many options at hand. Dr. Moussa can restore your tooth in a minimally invasive manner using metal free crowns, or utilizing tooth-colored dental bonding. This metal and mercury free-material is just as strong and durable as dental metal, and it can help us reliably restore your teeth while keeping most of it intact.

Basically, holistic dentistry is about not interfering with nature and doing more with less. With it, we’re able to protect and preserve your health and appearance while helping you avoid unnecessary procedures and potentially toxic materials.

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